How to Play Unison League

Nuts & Bolts of Unison League

Unison League is an entertaining multi-player game built for mobile devices. First, make your character and then begin leveling up and aquiring gear. Unison League is a multi-player game with both quests and guild wars that take place in groups of five per team. Unison League allows you to either participate in random groups for questing or to group with four friends or guildmates.

Unison League Main Quest Line

The questing begins with a main line of quests to help you level up your character, earn gear and obtain gems. The gems can be used to purchase temporary boosts, buy extra storage bag slots, and most importantly to purchase gem spawns where you have a chance to aquire great high powered gear. This main questline is important as you need to do it to unlock other sub-quests. It also is your main source of in-game gems.

There are also sub-quests to earn gold and "cost" for your character. You choose where to apply the "cost" to the gear "type" slots on your character. The gear types are: Weapon, Helm, Armor and Pets. The most commonly accepted ratio I've seen is to apply cost is 2 to 1. In this multiplayer game you would apply 2 cost to each the weapon and monster slot for each 1 point you apply to the armor and helmet slot. Unison League is available from the Google Play Store.

Unison League Event Quests

Along with your main line of quests and sub-quests are event quests. Event quests are special quests for earning gold, gathering augment materials, gathering reforging materials and special event quests with the potential to aquire very nice gear and pets. These quests are a very important part of the game because they are the main source of getting the best equipment. The augment and reforging quests are where you get the materials to...yes, Augment and Reforge your gear and pets making them even more powerful.

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